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Ein radio interview mit Cliff High bei Rense hat fast alle meine beitraege damals bei Prophecies.US bestaetigt...
(Leider keine zeit um das zu uebersetzen, viele davon erschienen damals im ZF 1.0 und 2.0 auf Deutsch. Mehrere von euch koennen sich sicherlich die beitraege erinnern.)

Just posted on Prophecies.US:

I just got an e-mail from Jane B. about an interview on Rense with Cliff High... http://prophecies.us/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1217186587/0#0

Seems like the predictions I made on Prophs on 4/6/2005 have come in at 85% so far... and seem to be confirmed by the Rense interview. In the European Future Forum, people say "Basey's predictions are lining up just like precious pearls on a necklace"

It's a damn shame the Prophs site got hacked and all of my predictions lost, but there are enough people here who remember and can confirm what I wrote about in 2005 and 2006, as well as the Preparedness Section I started here.

But there are just way too many people still in denial, call me fear-mongering, and refuse to think about "getting ready" as I have admonished here since April 2005. You have had plenty of time - 40 months worth!

Bees dying off... -HIT
Oil prices shooting into orbit. -HIT
Car makers going broke. -HIT
Deteriorating economy teetering on collapse. -HIT
Weather patterns drastically changing. (Floods, droughts, freak storms) -Developing
Increase in natural disasters. (Quakes, tsunamis, volcanos) -Developing
Famine and hunger on the rise, food prices too. (Monoculture and cropfailures) -Developing
International tensions building up. -Developing
Riots, civil war, martial law in many countries. -Developing
- And on and on... a lot of other things I wrote in advance that seemed astonishing hits to many people here.

...and I wrote repeatedly that all this would all culminate and escallate at about the same time to "drive the last coffin nails into the already weakend economy. It wasn't like that on 4/6/05 when I wrote about it, and the prediciton, prophecy or whatever you may choose to call it was based on 2 major dreams or visions I had back in '73 and '75 that caused me to drop out of society and build my survival farm in Maine, complete with a solar house that could be run totally off-grid, and has always been heated and cooled for about 10 - 15 cents a day!

In summer of 2006, I wrote that the economy would take a major hit in the summer of 2007 that would be felt around the world - HIT. It would seem to recover for a while, and then after spring 2008 it would begin to uncontrollably detriorate as other international banking and markets would be pulled into the abyss. -Developing

Since late autumn 2007 I wrote that the America and the World will be a whole different place come the end of this next autumn (2008)... Cliff High's interview would certainly seem to corroborate that.

A lot of people have accused me of copycatting what I hear in the news, or prognosticate current trends or events. FROM WHAT>! I haven't had a TV in over 35 years, nor do I have a radio. What daily news I get are headlines from the Net... I don't even read much of the detail! Could I "prognosticate" a sudden huge solar flare "that will knock out some satellites" 3 weeks in advance of it occuring in the least expected period of lowest sunspot cycle> Get real! And the Tsunami that will take over a 100,000+ lives that I wrote about on 12/6/2004 that happened 3 weeks later - all right there written in black and white weeks before it happened!

My family and friends have always marvelled at this phenomena of mine (so have I) and have used me as a sort of "barometer" of things to come in the future... I don't have a clue how it works, and no one has been able to explain it adequately to me. There are other astonishing "phenomena" that happen to me all the time that cannot be explained. Ummie and I have talked about them in detail whenever I visited her in Boston.

People on prophs such as Jane B, Ummie, Savvy, CBW, Firerat, LouFamoso, Aquarian and many others can attest to the accuracy of my predictions made here before the hack... they, my family and friends claim I'm psychic... I don't. I'm always astonished again when I have a hit.

The "Winter of Horrors" is coming, and with it I "heard" the number "500,000 will perish"... from cold or hunger or whatever I don't know - just the number. In the European forum I wrote a lot about 2009 and 2010... all I know is that the coming derpression and related events will thin out our population considerably...

And what is interesting is that Cliff writes about food lines, gov't buildings used as emergency shelters, SOC's "self organizing collectives", etc. -- many of you will remember that these are things I wrote about in 2005 and 2006...

And finally another strange "meaningful coincidence"... some of you know I use the pen name of "Cliff" for some of my other material, but I assure you I am not the same person...

Get it together... it's the last call !
If you don't get ready for this yourself, no one can help you.
No government is big and competent enough to handle what's coming next. I wrote that many times in the past.
It will be "everyone for him/her self when the Titanic goes down... not at first, but as it progressively get worse.

"Man kann sich nicht für eine Krise vorbereiten, wenn man mittendrin steckt"

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