200 Millionen chinesische Soldaten queren den Euphrat und erreichen Jerusalem ... sowie weitere Schwadronaden (Schauungen & Prophezeiungen)

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Danke ganz herzlich, Ulrich!!

(angebliche) Reden das Pasios:

- the rabbis know that the true Messiah has already come
- let's try to live more spiritually, to be nearer to Christ
- behind the "perfected credit card system", behind
"computerized security" lurks worldwide dictatorship
and the yoke of the Antichrist
- there is no spiritual life without sacrifice
- the Chinese will cross the Euphrates
- the Chinese, with an army of 200 million,
will cross the Euphrates and go all the way to Jerusalem
- may love of honor and the spirit of self-sacrifice live in us
- (the Jews will) try to rule Europe
- the Antichrist wants to subjugate the world
- in the spiritual life the biggest coward can attain
great courage by entrusting himself to Christ and His divine help
- they put the number a long time ago on credit cards
As a result, he who is not marked with the number '666'
will be unable to buy, sell, get a loan, or find work
- one sign that the fulfillment of prophecy is near
will be the destruction of the Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem
- we have to pray a lot, and with pain in our hearts,
so that God will intervene

...und so weiter.
Lauter "Ideen" auf Bibelbasis
Und nur allzuoft nicht einmal das.
Sondern eben nur fromme "Überlegungen"!

"At the end of the speech in greek he says that
15 years ago - from the time of his speech (!) -
... Elder Paisios informed of a war that summer to happen (!)
between greece and turkey,
he mentions that this war never happened (!)
because people prayed to God for it."

Nicht wahr?


Nachtrag II:
Ob es der knappen viertel Milliarde Chineser
in Jerusalem nicht ein klein wenig eng werden dürfte?


- es ist gemein, Blinden Stummfilme zu zeigen
- eine schöne Theorie sollte man sich mit Forschung nicht kaputt machen
- Irlmaier: "Ein Mann erzählt das, was er irgendwo mal gelesen hat."

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