mühsam...1848 (Schauungen & Prophezeiungen)

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Funde zur (Eisenbahn)Brücke:

Completed in 1851, this majestic railway link is 90 ft high
and 338 ft long.
One of Mother Shipton's many prophecies concerned
the fate of one of Knaresborough's bridges,
though not this one.
An earlier one had collapsed in 1848.

The whole was designed to blend with the architecture
of the town, and intended for completion in 1848.
However, the near-complete viaduct
collapsed on 11 March (1848) and took three and a half years
to rebuild;
the incomplete railway line was opened in October
1848 nonetheless.

"One of her prophecies was that the World
would come to an end when High bridge fell down
for the third time.
Rather disconcertingly the bridge has collapsed twice already."

Jedoch finde ich nicht mehr, wann vor 1848
bereits einmal.

So dass:
"...first appeared in print in the 1862 edition
of her sayings, and Charles Hindley,
the editor of that edition,
later admitted that he had composed them.

...ganz logisch ist.


- es ist gemein, Blinden Stummfilme zu zeigen
- eine schöne Theorie sollte man sich mit Forschung nicht kaputt machen
- Irlmaier: "Ein Mann erzählt das, was er irgendwo mal gelesen hat."

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