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In diversen hier behandelten Schauungen wird eine verfärbte Sonne ja thematisiert. Welche physikalischen Ursachen könnte es dafür geben, kann mir hier vielleicht jemand weiterhelfen, auch mit Literaturtipps (Beugung und Brechung sind schon lange, lange her...)?


"Volcanic dust, capable of shrouding much of the planet
following a very major eruption such as that of Krakatoa in 1883,
can turn not just the Sun but the entire sunset sky into the color
of blood
. Some have speculated that the lurid sunset skies may
have found their way into art as inspiration for the background of
The Scream ; the famous painting by Norwegian expressionist
painter Edvard Munch. The strange and tortured mummy-like
figure of the screaming subject appears in a scene bathed in the
light of a spectacular but strangely menacing sunset. Multiple colored
clouds blaze like tongues of fire in the sky, casting an almost
apocalyptic sense of foreboding over the scene. As this work was
executed in 1893, just 10 years after the eruption of Krakatoa the
question arises as to whether this was a creation of the mind of the
artist – the lurid sunset expressing the mood of the subject – or
whether there was a degree of realism about it. Was this scene
based on an actual sunset; a sky turned into blood by the volcanic
dust of Krakatoa?"

David A. J. Seargent:
Weird Weather: Tales of Astronomical and Atmospheric Anomalies (Astronomers' Universe).


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